Premises Liability

Scottsdale & Phoenix, Arizona: Premises Liability Attorneys

When a person is injured on property owned by another person or business, he or she may be able to pursue compensation under Arizona’s premises liability laws. Premises liability refers to a property owner’s responsibility to guard against unreasonable dangers on their property that may result in injuries to others. If you have been injured on the premises or property of another person or owner, McCain & Bursh Attorneys at Law, P.C. can assess your matter and handle your claim through its conclusion.

Phoenix & Scottsdale Slip-and-Fall Injury Attorneys Serving Phoenix, Scottsdale and the Surrounding Areas

Property owners and operators such as landlords, tenants, store owners, property managers and others, have a duty to provide a reasonably safe premises for occupants, patrons and other visitors. They are responsible for keeping the premises in good repair and providing adequate warning of dangerous conditions. When property owners and operators overlook proper safety measures and other dangerous conditions, serious injuries can occur. Our experienced personal injury lawyers, Darius Bursh and Marc McCain, represent persons injured while on another’s premises by a variety of causes including:

  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Construction site accidents
  • Physical assaults/fights/shootings
  • Dog bites and animal attacks
  • Dram shop liability and liquor liability cases
  • Slip-and-falls on stairs, wet floors and other poorly maintained walking surfaces
  • Hazardous conditions
  • Nursing home liability

McCain & Bursh represents people injured on properties throughout the state of Arizona including the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale areas. If you or your loved one has sustained an injury due to the negligence of a property owner or an unreasonable risk on a property, call McCain & Bursh today at 602-604-2138 to arrange your free case evaluation. You can also contact our law firm online. – Consultation Disclaimer*

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