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Drunk driving accidents are far too common in Arizona. Many drunk drivers cause serious bodily injuries or death when they take the wheel while intoxicated. These accidents can cause catastrophic damages to you and your family. At the Arizona law office of McCain & Bursh, P.C., we have handled many claims against drunk drivers who have injured others. We will work for you to ensure that you and your family receive fair compensation for injuries caused by a drunk driver.

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Help When You Have Been Hit by a Drunk Driver | Phoenix Lawyers

DUI victims have many questions relating to their accident and injuries. They oftentimes ask if insurance will cover the intoxicated driver for his actions, how a possible DUI charge will impact their civil claim against the drunk driver, who may be liable for their injuries, what type of damages they can allege, and what additional remedies may be available against a drunk driver such as punitive damages.

As Arizona attorneys experienced in handling drunk driving accidents in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas, we explore all theories of liability when you or a loved one has been injured by a drunk driver, including dram shop liability. Dram shop liability means that a bar or other establishment that served alcohol to a drunk person can be held liable for your medical bills and other injuries, in addition to the drunk driver that hit you.

Litigation, Arbitration and MediationOur personal injury law firm strives to reach fair and prompt settlements of our clients’ personal injury claims by advocating your case to an insurance company and its claims adjuster. However, if we are unable to reach a fair settlement with the insurance company, we will litigate your case from start to finish in an effort to get you the result you deserve. If settlement negotiations break down, you can rest assured that our attorneys have the experience and temperament to aggressively protect your interests in court, at an arbitration or mediation.

Let Us Work Toward a Fair Result for You in Your Drunk Driving AccidentWe strive to work closely with you throughout your entire case to keep you well informed and up to date. Call 602-604-2138 or contact our DUI victim law firm online to schedule a free initial consultation at our Arizona law office. – Consultation Disclaimer*

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