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Scottsdale & Phoenix, Arizona: Wrongful Death and Personal Injury  Attorneys

If you were injured in an accident or incident that was caused in full or in part by another party, the lawyers at McCain & Bursh Attorneys at Law, P.C. will represent your interests vigorously to obtain the maximum  compensation for your injuries and losses. McCain & Bursh and its attorneys Darius Bursh and Marc McCain have been helping clients with their personal injury matters in the state of Arizona and greater Phoenix and Scottsdale areas since the Firm was formed in 1999.

Contact McCain & Bursh and its experienced Attorneys today to learn how the Firm can help you in the following types of wrongful death or personal injury matters:

Wrongful Death

When an someone loses their life as a result of another’s conduct, Arizona law allows certain family members to pursue compensation in a wrongful death action. McCain & Bursh and its Attorneys provide compassionate, professional and vigorous representation of family members suffering from the loss of a loved one.

Automobile Accidents

Many automobile accidents are avoidable and are caused by distracted drivers or the failure to follow the rules of the road.  McCain & Bursh provides aggressive representation to obtain just compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses and lost wages for those accident victims who have been injured.

Motorcycle Accidents

Unfortunately, even the most careful and experienced motorcyclists are at great risk every time they go for a ride.  Oftentimes, the risk is an inattentive or distracted driver who simply fails to see the motorcycle and its rider. Motorcycle accidents often result in long term injuries or death and require experienced and knowledgeable legal representation.  McCain & Bursh and its Attorneys have extensive experience handling motorcycle injury cases.

Trucking & Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Arizona is a major passageway for goods and merchandise being transported across the Country.  As a result, Arizona sees its share of auto accidents caused by commercial vehicles — from tractor-trailer “big rigs,”  box and moving trucks, oversize commercial trucks and other commercial vehicles. Trucking companies and commercial drivers must adhere to strict state and federal driving regulations but oftentimes fail to meet their obligations, contributing to accidents and injuries to others.  McCain & Bursh and its Attorneys have extensive experience handling claims against trucking and commercial vehicle owners and drivers.

Premises Liability

Owners and operators of businesses and other commercial establishments have a duty to maintain their premises and property in a safe condition, free of dangerous conditions and hidden perils.  When their failure to do so causes injuries to others, the injured person may have a claim for premises liability or a similar legal theory.  The Attorneys at McCain & Bursh have handled premises liability and related cases for over 42 combined years and can help you assess whether you have a claim for injuries sustained on the premises of another.

Elder Abuse & Nursing Home Neglect

Abuse, endangerment and neglect of elderly and vulnerable persons is on the rise.  Our seniors deserve respect and dignity but unfortunately are taken advantage of or abused on far too many occasions by persons entrusted to provide care.  Oftentimes, this abuse and neglect can go on for many months, even years and can culminate in serious financial loss, personal injuries and even death.  The Attorneys at McCain & Bursh have extensive experience handling claims related to abuse, neglect and endangerment of seniors and are advocates for elderly persons harmed by substandard care at the hands of unscrupulous persons and organizations.

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