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Scottsdale & Phoenix, Arizona: Foreclosure Assistance & Short Sale Attorneys

Are you a home owner or commercial property owner who is delinquent on your mortgage payment or having difficulty meeting your loan payments? If you are facing possible foreclosure or are in a distressed property, you may feel as though you have limited options. At McCain & Bursh, we can identify your options and help you develop a strategy for resolving your troubled loan.

We represent residential and commercial clients throughout Arizona including the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale areas. Call us at 602-604-2138 or contact us online to discuss your loan*.

Exploring Your Options

Marc McCain has been a leading voice in Arizona regarding residential and commercial loan workouts. He has assisted over 1,000 clients who were facing foreclosure. Mr. McCain has extensive knowledge of Arizona foreclosure law and the options available to borrowers faced with troubled loans. As part of the Firm’s foreclosure assistance and counseling, Marc will review your loan documents and meet with you to thoroughly analyze your specific situation and goals, assess your risks and liabilities under your loan and present you with potential alternatives to foreclosure, including:

Home Retention: If you are having difficulty making your mortgage payment, you may be a candidate for a loan modification or forbearance plan that will allow you to retain your property. Click here to learn how McCain & Bursh, PLC may be able to assist you retain your property and avoid a foreclosure.

Short sale: Are you underwater and trying to sell your property? Click here to learn how McCain & Bursh, PLC can assist you in a short sale and help guide you through the many obstacles and legal implications short sale can present.

Deed in lieu of foreclosure: If other workout options have failed or are not right for your underwater property, learn the benefits and legal ramifications of doing a deed in lieu of foreclosure. Click here to learn more about how McCain & Bursh, PLC can assist you with in a deed in lieu transaction.

Strategic foreclosure: Owners need to understand their rights and obligations when facing foreclosure. Don’t lose your property to foreclosure before getting all the facts you need to make the right choice for you and your family. Click here for information on how McCain & Bursh, PLC can help.

Whether you own a residential or commercial property facing foreclosure, McCain & Bursh, PLC can help you evaluate your options and provide you with foreclosure assistance and workout strategies you need.Call our firm today at 602-604-2138 or contact us online to discuss your options.

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