Development Agreements

Scottsdale & Phoenix, Arizona: Development Agreement Attorneys

McCain & Bursh Attorneys at Law, P.C. works with developers on the front-end of commercial and residential projects in connection with infrastructure and Development Agreements in the state of Arizona and greater Phoenix and Scottsdale areas. The Firm has extensive experience drafting and negotiating Development Agreements between private parties and with public entities in both commercial and residential development projects.

Ensuring that your real estate project has adequate access, utilities and development rights, and that the cost for such items is not an open checkbook  is crucial to a successful project.  Marc McCain has over 21 years of experience of drafting, reviewing and amending development and infrastructure agreements on projects large and small.  For assistance with your development, call and talk with one of our experienced attorneys at 602-604-2138 or contact us online. – Consultation Disclaimer*

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