Commercial and Residential Acquisition, Sales and Development

Scottsdale & Phoenix, Arizona: Real Estate Acquisition, Disposition and Development Attorneys

McCain & Bursh Attorneys at Law, P.C. represents commercial and residential real estate owners and developers throughout the state of Arizona including the Greater Phoenix and Scottsdale areas at virtually every stage of the ownership and development process. This includes handling improved and unimproved real property acquisitions and closings, performing due diligence and assisting clients throughout the development and sales processes. The Firm is committed to our clients’ success and our attorneys work closely with our clients throughout the duration of a project.

Comprehensive Help for Real Estate Owners and Developers

We provide thorough, practical and results-focused advice at nearly every stage of commercial and residential purchase and sales transactions. Contact the Firm for assistance on your real estate matters including:

  • Contract drafting and negotiation
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Due diligence including title insurance, survey, and lease review
  • Real estate closings
  • Easements, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs)
  • Development Agreements
  • Construction Contracts including AIA Documents for large and small construction projects

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Commercial and Residential Purchase and Sale Agreements

This includes working with a client to develop a letter of intent setting forth the fundamental terms of the transaction, drafting and negotiating purchase and sale agreements, drafting Deeds for the conveyance of real property, and drafting other documents necessary to close a particular deal such as easements, covenants, conditions or restrictions, restrictive use agreements or development agreements. The Firm is committed to our clients' success and our attorneys work closely with our clients throughout the duration of a project.

Development Agreements

McCain & Bursh Attorneys at Law, P.C. works with developers on the front-end of commercial and residential projects in connection with infrastructure and Development Agreements in the state of Arizona and greater Phoenix and Scottsdale areas. The Firm has extensive experience drafting and negotiating Development Agreements between private parties and with public entities in both commercial and residential development projects.

Due diligence including title insurance and survey review

Understanding what title exceptions, use restrictions, and other encumbrances affect a property is crucial to making an informed decision on whether to purchase a property, and understanding a property's value. At McCain & Bursh, we provide clients with comprehensive and experienced due diligence assistance to assist clients in their purchase decisions. We also have extensive experience resolving title disputes, amending easements and CC&Rs, and implementing use restrictions on adjacent properties to protect a client's business interests.

Easements, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions

McCain & Bursh Attorneys at Law, P.C. represents commercial and residential real estate owners and developers with reviewing, preparing and amending easements, CC&Rs (covenants, conditions and restrictions), and other encumbrances that affect their property. CC&Rs and other property restrictions can be confusing, lengthy documents that contain hidden costs or restrictions that can make or break a real estate project. Use restrictions preventing a particular type of business, or building square footage or height restrictions can be buried in a few sentences of a 100-page document.

Real Estate Closings

Ensuring all closing documents and closing requirements have been timely delivered and satisfied is time intensive and involves tremendous attention to detail. At McCain & Bursh, we make the closing process smoother for our clients by coordinating the preparation, delivery and recording of closing documents. We also hold the other parties to a closing transaction accountable for their respective duties, while ensuring that our clients' rights are protected and the deal is closed according to the contract documents.

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