Darius O. Bursh

Finding the highly qualified legal professional you need in the Scottsdale, AZ, region is simple when you call upon the law firm of McCain & Bursh Attorneys At Law, P.C. Attorney Darius Bursh continually raises the bar of service for his clients from Maricopa County, Pinal County, Yavapai County and statewide.

Attorney Darius Bursh

Licensed for over 20 years, Attorney Darius Bursh is well-known and respected for his legal work in the areas of Personal Injury and Litigation. He has always treated clients with the individual attention and care necessary to assess, develop and present their case in the best possible manner.

Attorney Bursh helps individual and business clients deal with a variety of legal matters that are important for continued success and confidence. He works diligently on behalf of his clients to help them achieve the best possible outcome from even the most complex legal issues they face. Typical issues of concern include obtaining justice for his clients in the areas of Personal Injury and Litigation.


Attorney Darius Bursh earned his Juris Doctor Law Degree in 1995, at the Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. His strong commitment to helping people fight for their rights led naturally into his area of law practice in Personal Injury and Litigation.


Licensed to practice law in Arizona in 1996, Attorney Darius Bursh began his legal career serving as a defense attorney for a major insurance company, and later began to represent plaintiffs in a wide variety of personal injury cases. In 1999, he partnered with Marc McCain in his current law firm, McCain & Bursh, PLC, in Scottsdale, AZ.

Legal Services

The range of cases handled by Attorney Darius Bursh is very broad, and includes items of major concern to many people who suffer harmful accidents or have serious business matters to resolve.

  • Personal Injury – Recover expenses and financial losses, personal claims and other areas of concern when you are injured by accident or by a deliberate action. Case claims include Wrongful Death, Slip & Fall, Dog Bites, Burn Cases, Vehicle Accidents, Workplace Injury or Attack, Discrimination, Rights Violations, Nursing Home or Day Care Neglect and more.
  • Litigation – Recovery through litigation when you are harmed due to accidents, deliberate actions, neglect, negligence, unsafe premises, or accidents of all types.
  • Business Law – Contracts, Agreements, Failure to Perform, Breach of Warranty, Negligent Hiring or Supervision, Premises Liability, Fraud/Misrepresentation, Fair Housing and other disputes.

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